fresh from Bayless


An dieser Stelle wird Bayless Conley in Kürze für Sie auch mit deutscher Voiceover-Stimme gewohnt kurz und bündig Antworten auf Lebensfragen geben.

Knowing God

You know, my wife knows me very, very well.

She knows me so well that if I made a decision without Janet being present…and you told her the circumstances and gave her the information that was given to me…99 out of 100 times she would be able to tell you exactly the decision I made.

She could tell you just how I responded.  And she’d probably be able to tell you just how I felt because she knows my ways.  She knows my habits.  She knows how I think.  She knows how I respond to things.  She knows how I feel.  She understands my passion.  She knows the things I don’t like.

She would be able to tell you the decision I made because we have an intimate relationship.  She knows me.

I think this gives us an understanding of what Moses was really praying about in Exodus 33:13 when he prayed, “Show me now Your way, that I may know You.”  He was saying, “God, I don’t want to just know what You do, but I want to know why You do what You do.  I want to know who You are.  I intuitively want to know Your will.  While others are wandering around trying to figure out what You want, I want to already be doing it.”

And I think that’s possible for you and me too!  You can know God intimately!

Power In His Name

When I was a young Christian, I moved to Mexico to help out with an evangelist who was preaching there. Thousands of people would show up for this guy’s crusade meetings, and hundreds of people were getting saved and healed.

During one of our meetings, a demon-possessed guy showed up, and he started jumping up and down, throwing rocks and boards (some of them with nails protruding from them) into the crowd. He acted like a wild animal!

One of the guys working for the crusade came to me (I happened to be standing closest to him) and said, “Bayless, take care of that.” I thought, “Excuse me? I’m just a new Christian!” But nevertheless, I walked over to the demon-possessed guy and said, “In the name of Jesus,” and he became like a little puppy.

I said, “Sit down,” and he sat down, and I laid my hands on him and commanded the evil spirit to go in Jesus’ name, and he was fine. He actually spoke intelligibly after that, and we led him to Christ. It was an amazing thing!

I tell you this because I want you to know that there is authority and power in the name of Jesus—and you can exercise that authority. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new Christian or not. Jesus has delegated the authority in His name to every member of the body of Christ. There is power in Jesus’ name to deliver you and to bring deliverance to others through you.

God's Strength

I have a lifeguard friend who told me once,

“Bayless, if we’ve got someone who’s drowning, we’ll go out in the water. But if they won’t calm down, we won’t touch them. Because if we get out there and they’re panicking, they’ll grab us and drown us both. If we can get them to calm down, that’s one thing. But if we can’t, we wait until they exhaust themselves, and then we save them.”

And you know, this is how we often act in our relationship with God!

A lot of the time, you and I come to the absolute end of our strength before we lay hold of God’s strength. This is especially true when it comes to the subject of healing.

Maybe you would admit that you’re there right now… that you feel like you are finished… that you can’t go on. If so, take hold of God’s strength.

When you are weak, His strength is made perfect. When you come to the end of your strength, that’s where God’s strength begins!

In my life as a pastor, I’ve found that many people have been misinformed when it comes to what God has to say about healing. They struggle and struggle, never going to God’s Word to see what He says.

That’s why I hope you will spend time reading the Bible and that you will find it a real blessing. I pray that it will help align your thinking about healing with God’s thinking about healing!